Quality Assurance at the Touch of a Button

MiFID II regulations requires firms to have arrangements in place to ensure transaction reports are complete and accurate.

Perform Quality Assurance on your transaction reporting through Qomply's cloud-based ReportAssure Suite. Qomply performs accuracy, timeliness, and completeness checks providing assurance that transaction reporting systems are working correctly.

Checks can be done before or after sending to the regulatory or ARM. Qomply's platform is built to respond to increasing levels of complexity of regulation, rules, and data analytics. Qomply's tools offer straight-forward interfaces and streamlined APIs enabling market participants to either use as a stand-alone products or integrate within their existing technical infrastructure.

If you are looking to conduct your own periodic quality assurance, accuracy, completeness, and timeliness checks, then the ReportAssure Suite puts 1,000 checks at a click.

Require a Comprehensive One-off Health Check Instead?

Qomply is partnered with BDO and Bovill to offer access to the Qomply platform through their regulatory services. Clients may choose from a variety of managed service packages and reviews from recognised partners using the Qomply technology.

Qomply | Quality Assurance in a Click

Quality Assurance in a Click

Comprehensive One-off Health Checks for Transaction Reporting

Never performed a health check on your transaction reporting?
Combine the regulatory expertise of our partners with the Qomply technology.

Historical diagnostic check across a data sample from your firm

Accuracy, completeness and timeliness report

Access to Qomply platform for issue tracking and resolution

Review of your end-to-end operational process

Assessment of your governance and oversight arrangements

Comprehensive analysis of your front-office order system

Qomply ReportAssure Suite | Quality Assurance in a Click


One of the most comprehensive arsenals of Quality Assurance and accuracy checks in the industry


Proprietary assurance engine checks every single piece of transaction report data for accuracy


Performs sophisticated matrix rules for accuracy, validity and timeliness


Checks performed manually through the UI or through an API


Detects issues with not only a firm's input files but also the regulator's MDP output files


Conducts analysis on reports both before and after they are sent to the regulator


Perform two-way or three-way reconciliations


Verify transactions sent from front-office systems to the regulator match transactions received by the regulator


Team of regulatory experts on-hand through Qomply's partner firms

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