Overview of Qomply Solutions

Regulatory reporting requirements have increased significantly over the last 10 years, imposing a significant burden of cost and complexity on investment firms.

Qomply’s ReportAssure platform performs accuracy and completeness checks for transaction reports across various reporting regimes such as MiFID, EMIR, SFTR, CFTC, and ASIC. Qomply provides peace of mind to investment firms, relaxed in the knowledge that they are meeting their regulatory requirements.

Qomply’s unparalleled accuracy means that firms get their transaction reporting right the first time.

By removing costly transaction reporting fees and increasing operational efficiency, Qomply empowers firms to take control of the quality of their transaction reporting.

Qomply Solutions - At a Glance

Quality Assurance for Transaction Reports

Qomply removes the pain from transaction reporting and ensures report are accurate.

Qomply’s technology automatically executes a sophisticated matrix of granular, field-level and scenario-based rules.

Firms are empowered to conduct real-time checks as well as retrospective checks.

Immediate and accurate results outline the quality of the report.

Easy-to-read guidance walks users through the steps to correct issues.


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Reconciliation for MiFID Transaction Reports

Trade Reconciler and Auditor

Instantly and efficiently reconciles transactions sent from front-office systems to the regulator versus those received by the regulator. Two-way and three-way reconciliation.

Over-reporting, under-reporting and timeliness are identified in an easy-to-use dashboard.

Many firms still rely on manual processes to reconcile their transaction report data, severely limiting reporting accuracy and productivity.

Qomply’s solutions liberate firms from this burden and transform their business functions, freeing up time to focus on core operating models.

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QomplyDirect | Send transaction reports directly to the FCA or regulator

Send transaction reports directly to FCA.

QomplyDirect enriches transaction reports, filters by reportability, and validates. Users then send directly to the FCA and monitor and manage status through the Qomply platform. A full-service solution for firms wishing to retain control of their reporting and eliminate the requirement for an ARM.

Firms wishing to undergo a staged migration may elect to continue using the ARM to submit their data in conjunction with QomplyDirect as it can connect directly to most leading ARMs. Users are able to monitor report status through one portal – QomplyDirect.

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Qomply MiFID Reportability Tool | FCA and ESMA FIRDS Lookup Tool

MiFID Reportability Checker

This free solution enables firms to conduct reportability checks to determine if a financial instrument is MiFID-reportable in the UK, the EU, or both.

By inputting an ISIN (instrument identifier), a string of ISINs, or uploading a CSV file for a specific trade date, the service will report, as of that trade date, the region and reportability of that instrument. Therefore, firms will know, unequivocally, if the instrument was reportable, when, and where.

This is the only solution freely available that queries both FCA FIRDS and ESMA FIRDS databases and conducts searches across multiple instruments at once. Ambiguity of reporting obligations is removed as the tool reaches back in time to determine if an instrument was reportable in a specific regime.

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ISIN Quest - Instantly Locates Reportable ISINs for an Instrument

Many financial instruments have used the descriptive Instrument Classification Code and Instrument Full Name in their transaction reports when an ISIN should have been used.

ISIN Quest queries ANNA DSB and FIRDs databases and retrieves the reportable ISIN for any given trade date and classification code.

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ISIN Quest searches financial instrument databases for an ISIN.

MiFID Post-Trades - Quality Assurance for Post Trades

Ensure accuracy in your post trade reports.

Like MiFID Transaction Reports, Post-Trade reports require oversight and periodic checks to ensure they are accurately prepared and broadcasted within the expected time limitations.

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Qomply Managed Services

Qomply’s Managed Service eliminates the burden, time, risk, and costs associated with producing, validating, submitting, and reconciling transaction reports. It can also remove, or significantly reduce, a firm’s need to have in-house operations staff and compliance professionals.

All operational processes, starting from the point of consuming daily transaction reports, are conducted by Qomply. This includes report construction, validation, exception management, submission, support and reconciliation. It also includes assistance in preparing Errors & Omissions reports and interacting with the FCA.

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